Power Amplifier BKA300-4NW

Made specifically to power up to 4 buttkicker LFE's so you can feel the sounds in your seats.
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The BKA300-4/NW power amplifier is designed to power one ButtKicker Advance transducer, two mini Concert transducers, and up to 4 mini LFE transducers. The BKA300-4/NW is a digital, fanless, convection cooled, mono amplifier. The included IR remote control makes it an ideal choice for living rooms and other “multi-purpose” spaces. And, because it uses IR technology the BKA300-4/NW can easily be controlled by a universal or smart remote control.

The BKA300-4/NW features both an RCA input and output for “daisy chaining” signal to multiple units. The BKA300-4/NW offers three pre-programmed EQ settings on the wireless remote control, volume adjustment on the amplifier and wireless remote, a power saving standby mode, and a 5 way binding post (banana jack) output.
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Width 9.25
Depth 3.5
Height 8.25
Wattage 300 watt RMS @ 4 ohms | 150 watt RMS @ 2 ohms
Frequency 10-300 Hz
Warranty 1 year Limited Manufacturer's Warranty
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