Do you ever wonder how we managed without the internet? If you’re a lover of movie trivia, you’ll know exactly how endless, circular arguments can ruin nights out. First dates increasingly slip into only dates, and general relationships begin to suffer – just because you were both convinced that Tom Hanks did the voice for Woody; and whether that was really Lenny Kravitz in The Hunger Games (it was).

As long as you have an internet enabled device, the answers are there. But there’s so much more than just trivia on offer.

Sit back and relax and indulge in 50 of the greatest online resources for movieholics.


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  1. Databases and search engines
  2. Video Streaming Sites and Apps
  3. Movie Critiques and Recommendations
  4. Scripts, Screenwriting and Film Education
  5. Dedicated Movie Fan Sites
  6. YouTube Channels and Podcasts
  7. Social Movie Sites and Apps
  8. Parental Advisory
  9. Popcorn Recipes

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databases and search engines

1. Internet Movie Database (

There will be very few self-respecting Movieholics who haven’t ventured onto at some stage. It’s a perfect resource for gauging whether a film is worth watching (scored out of 10), clarifying if that actor in that movie is who you thought it was, and for the ultimate in behind-the-camera trivia. Accessible via the web or by the app, the Internet Movie Database is an absolute must-have.

2. Rotten Tomatoes

If is the ultimate for internet trivia, perhaps Rotten Tomatoes is the ultimate in crowd-voting. Every film is given a Rotten Tomato percentage (high is good) based on the aged concept of slinging rotten veg at the performers in a stinker of a show. You get a critics rating as well as an audience score, providing you with one of the most balanced overviews of whether a movie is worth your time.

3. Movielens

Unlike imdb, MovieLens is a members-only service, so you need to sign up to use it. It’s a fascinating site that assesses your movie preferences and offers recommendations based on the movies you like. They build up a profile of your loves and hates through a rating mechanism, and they offer suggestions based on your taste profile. There’s a wealth of data available, including image galleries, trailers, and user reviews. The data you provide about your preferences is gathered by a company called GroupLens at the University of Minnesota and used for research purposes.

4. Flixster / Fandango

Flixster is very similar to MovieLens, but it looks a little prettier on the screen. Flixster is the app version of this particular service (downloadable in both Apple and Android app stores); Fandango is the browser equivalent. In addition to offering recommendations based on your viewing preferences, there are extras such as movie quizzes, and the ability to monitor your friends’ ratings. Flixster is perfect for people who want something a little more robust than just facts, figures, and recommendations.

5. Yahoo! movies

An excellent source of information about all the upcoming releases with a vast range of articles and blogs detailing the best and the worst of the films arriving next on the silver screen. Additionally, they publish more general articles and interviews about the people making the movies.

video streaming sites and apps

6. Netflix

There’s so much original content on Netflix that it’s difficult to keep up with the best new shows and movies. IMDb, of course, is an excellent resource for gauging general feeling about a movie or show but, aside from the brilliant Netflix Originals content, there’s a wealth of classic and modern movies that’s sure to keep you endlessly entertained. Accessible online, natively accessible through Smart TVs, through apps on mobile devices, over WiFi and over 4G, Netflix has to be one of the most accessible ways of engaging with content. Subscription only.

7. Amazon Prime Video

Originally a DVD rental service called LoveFilm, Amazon Prime Video has a wealth of the latest movies and classics alike. Accessible via the same means as Netflix, Amazon is one service that makes the Prime subscription worth it alone. Subscription only.


Vimeo is the home of HD content made by independent movie makers. Any self-respecting aspiring cinematographer, director, actor, or editor has a Vimeo profile. Most consider Vimeo to be a cut-above YouTube in terms of production values. If you’re looking for art-house, music videos, and the cutting edge, Vimeo is your destination.


Well, who hasn’t heard of YouTube? It seems too obvious to include in this list, but it’s a valuable resource for movie fans who share their opinions, reviews, and spoilers. It’s also the place to go to for trailers for all the latest blockbusters and, if you’re not too bothered about sitting through endless advertisements, it’s a great place to watch free full-length movies. More about specific YouTube channels coming up.

10. iTunes

There have been whispers of a streaming service akin to Netflix for years, but at the moment, iTunes remains a per-movie rental streaming service. A movie ranges in price for a rental from as little as $0.99. iTunes is probably the place to look for the most recent releases, usually accessing the majority of the blockbusters before any of the other streaming services. However, until it does with movies what Apple Music has done with tunes, the value of iTunes as a movie streaming service remains an expensive exception.

11. Kodi

More a streaming facilitator than a specific movie-streaming site, there’s plenty to be found on Kodi. It’s not the simplest of services to set up and use (there are lots of how-to videos on YouTube) but once you’re up and running there’s a wealth of portals that give you access to tons of free movies. The legality of using this particular service is questionable, so if you want to be certain that you’re on the right side of copyright law, you’d be best to steer clear. Of course, with all free movie-sharing sites, the quality of the digitization and streaming is unlikely to match up with the pay sites.

Movie Critiques and Recommendations


This esteemed movie critic’s site is one of the best sources of online, intelligent review. Sure, there are hundreds of review sites out there, but for informed opinions from people who really do know their onions, this site is a must. Including movie blogs and tons of articles, has to be one of the most reliable places to gather an opinion.


Metacritic provides up-to-the-minute news about new releases, aggregating reviews of all types of media – movies, music, video games, TV shows, and books. You get an “average” critic’s rating for each movie, meaning that you’re getting a balanced, overall opinion about a flick; not just one person’s preference.


TasteDive goes beyond movie recommendations, providing a broader canvas of suggestions based on the movie you search for.  Obviously, like all good movie search engines, it suggests films that it thinks you’re going to like, but it also suggests bands you might like, books you’re likely to be interested in reading, and a wealth of trivia about the movie you searched for. We love TasteDive – it’s the best way to develop your taste for all things cool.

15. Movieholic – The Best Film Selection

If your taste is eclectic, niche, and kitsch, then you’re going to love Movieholic’s YouTube channel. Featuring hundreds of full-length B-movies from the classic eras of trash and tack, there’s plenty to keep you thoroughly entertained. Including classics such as “Werewolf In A Girl’s Dormitory” and “He Walked By Night,” there’s plenty to stream for free that harks back to a day when B meant brilliant.


Empire is one of the longest-standing “old media” publications around, and their website is, naturally, full of the type of content that can be found in the magazine. Their movie blog page has a wealth of opinion pieces covering the latest movies and what to make of them. A wonderful resource for any movie buff!

Scripts, Screenwriting and Film Education


IntoFilm is a resource aimed at educators, with a wealth of resources for learning about film-making, critiquing, and training for careers in the movie industry. Based in the UK, they hold events including festivals and awards. For anyone interested in making their own films, check out this great resource.

18. Internet Movie Screenplay Database

If you’re an aspiring screenwriter, the best learning you can do is to read screenplays, and has the screenplay of practically any blockbuster movie you can think of. From American Sniper to Zero Dark Thirty, this free resource is a great way to see how the content formed on the page developed into action on the screen. Learn how professional screenwriters express their ideas and discover all about the creative process.

19. Go Into The Story

Go Into The Story is an excellent blog site, exploring great scenes from classic films in minute detail. Created by screenwriter, Scott Myers, the blog is full of interviews, script analyses, tips, and craft advice for anyone interested in developing a career in the movies. There’s also a good resource of downloadable scripts.

20. Drew’s Script-O-Rama

Another great resource for lovers of screenplays. The unique feature of this screenplay resource, however, is that it holds various drafts of the same script – from first draft stages to shooting scripts. See how the text develops during the production process with this excellent resource which will certainly teach you a thing or two about how writers and producers work together to create a document that comes to life on the screen.

21. is a wonderful resource of scripts for movies, TV shows, radio dramas, and stageplays. It’s the ultimate library of produced and unproduced scripts, so if you’re an aspiring movie maker and need a script for your next project, look no further.


The ScriptLab is a great resource full of movie-making blogs, reviews, educational resources, screenwriting competitions, and more. There’s a range of 5-plot point breakdowns of classic movies such as “Three Men and a Baby,” “Crocodile Dundee II,” “Romancing The Stone,” as well as analyses of the first ten pages of famous scripts. If you’re into learning and developing, TheScriptLab is undoubtedly a valuable resource.


Aimed at teachers of film theory, has a valuable selection of resources for anyone who wants to develop their script writing and movie-making skills. With lesson plans for analysis sessions of some of the best movies around, there’s something for every movieholic, here.


ShootingPeople is an online resource dedicated to recruiting the crew to make your next movie. If you’re looking for experience in the movie industry, it’s a great place to find people to let you onto the set, or if you’re looking for a make-up artist in your locality, it’s the perfect site to find one.

Dedicated Movie Fan Sites

25. – A Frank Capra Movie blog

Frank Capra was a Sicilian American movie producer who was responsible for some of the biggest award-winning movies of the 1930s and 40s. This blog site is a tribute to his work and an analysis of his rich back-catalog.

26. The City of Absurdity – A David Lynch fansite

If you’re a fan of the surreal, then David Lynch is bound to be high on your list of favorite directors. This fansite is a wonderful tribute to David Lynch’s catalog in various media, including news of current and upcoming projects.

27. Commander Bond – Made for lovers of James Bond

One of the most comprehensive collections of James Bond memorabilia; including blog posts, galleries, book reviews, games reviews, and music gossip. This extensive site might not look particularly pretty, but love and detail have been afforded into the content.

28. – a site dedicated to the work of Tarantino

Fans of QT are going to love this blog site, containing script excerpts, uber-geeky facts and trivia, movie reviews, and opinion pieces on characters from Tarantino movies. Great fun!


If you’re a fan of the cowboy genre, this is the site for you. Featuring blogs that recommend must-see movies, analyses of genre-defining scenes, and trivia about the great American Western, this site certainly deserves some of your time.


For fans of movies based on and inspired by the books of JRR Tolkien, this site has everything you could ever want to know. Essentially a blog site that analyzes the movies, it also provides plenty of broader trivia including sources of memorabilia, interviews, and details of anything Lord Of The Rings.


This is the ultimate site for lovers of gore, ghouls, and monster movies; made to keep you up at night. Including a section dedicated to the most gruesome flicks, there’s a wealth of reviews, editorials, videos, and podcasts dedicated to those who look fear right in the eye and say “more please!”.

YouTube Channels and Podcasts

32. HotFlix – YouTube Channel

If you’re looking for a little semi-innocent adult-inspired action, then HotFlix has a wealth of dodgy sexploitation titles. I wouldn’t expect anything too racy – this is YouTube, after all – but if you’re looking for a little nostalgic glamor, then HotFlix has plenty to keep you occupied.

33. Cult Medium – YouTube Channel

For the lover of classic horror, Cult Medium is definitely worth many hours of your time. Including classics such as Rabid, One Night Only, and The Toxic Avenger, watch full classic movies for free. And what’s more, they’re not constantly interrupted by adverts!

34. Maverick Classics – YouTube Channel

A great selection of old-school horror movies and some classic trailers of a massive range of films that probably never made it any further than a small-scale DVD release. Maverick Classics offers some great kitsch if you’re feeling like wiling away a couple of hours.

35. Get Into Film – YouTube Channel

Get Into Film is a great resource for lovers of movie trivia, including a decent range of original actor biographies, interviews, and movie-specific features. They have a great “Star Wars – the best bits” feature, “Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom” interviews, and a range of discussions and features revolving around Oceans 8. Get Into Film is a professional outfit creating their own movie-based features. Definitely recommended.

36. FilmTube – YouTube Channel

Another channel dedicated to B-movies and nostalgic kitsch. Including titles such as Prime Evil, The Specialist, and Las Vegas Lady, FilmTube is rammed with movies that time forgot. But that doesn’t mean that time was right, of course! For hours of free classics, check out FilmTube.

37. ShowMe – YouTube Channel

While ShowMe focuses on reality TV as opposed to film, the channel could still offer hours of viewing enjoyment. Mostly “best of” style original videos, they explore the funniest, the most notable, and the strangest sights to be seen from the likes of X-Factor, America’s Got Talent, and The Voice.

38. Movie-holics Anonymous – YouTube Channel

Movie-holics Anonymous is a great channel of original review and comment videos on some of the most well-loved hero and super-hero movies. Most of the videos are self-made vlogs, but the presenter has plenty to say about everything! Worth some time if you’re looking for movie trivia, some well-informed reviews, and reactions to movie trailers.

39. ThemesOf TheWeek – YouTube Channel

If you love movie theme tunes, then this is the channel for you. Featuring weekly videos of entire themes from all the blockbusters, from “Independence Day” to “X-Men.” If you’re looking for a little pomp and circumstance, ThemesOf The Week could be for you.

40. Movie Holics – Facebook Page

Movie Holics is a YouTube channel presented by some rather intense movie critics. The best thing about this particular channel, however, is that it has been created by people working in the TV- and movie-making industry. This Facebook Page is an impressive resource of review videos, insider information, and general trivia. Well worth a look.

41. NowPlaying – podcast

The three hosts on NowPlaying Podcasts offer reviews of movies from the past and the present. They’re particularly interested in movies with multiple sequels, so if you have an opinion about which is the best Bourne movie, then this could indeed be something to listen to on the bus into work.

42. Mad About Movies – podcast

For intellectual insights into movies new and old, the three presenters on Mad About Movies have plenty of balanced arguments to add fuel to any movie-based conversation. Published weekly, they chat, they argue, they tussle over what’s great and what’s not. Very entertaining.

Social Movie Sites and Apps

43. Telfie

Telfie is a social media site dedicated to discussing your favorite movies, TV shows, games, music, and books. There’s a mobile app for on-the-go updating, and plenty of opportunities for online conversations. Update your profile with the movie you’re currently watching, and others will pipe in with their opinions of that particular movie straight away. A great way to choose a film worth watching.


If you’re a fan of the bucket list, then this could be the site for you. If you’re on a mission to watch the entire IMDb Top 250, then use to track your progress and check off the movies you’ve seen so far. Once you’ve completed your list, you earn awards that are displayed on your profile. There are also tons of forums to discuss everything movie.

45. MUBI

If your movie preference is more akin to the art-house and the high-brow, then MUBI is the social movie site for you. Set up a profile, rate your favorite movies, directors, and actors, post to your wall and follow fellow movie buffs from around the world.

Parental Advisory


Are you worried about the content that your kids are watching? Do you want to know about the age-appropriate content in the movies and TV series that you’re being pestered to allow them to view? will give you the best, most informed advice you’re likely to get.


Similarly to PluggedIn, CommonSenseMedia allows you to find age-appropriate movies, apps, books, video games and TV shows for your children. The site contains a library of over 30,000 reviews, categorized by age, entertainment genre, learning rating, and more.

Popcorn recipes

48. Time for Popcorn!

We all love popcorn, but there’s certainly more to everyone’s favorite snack than salted or sweet. BBC Good Food has compiled some of the yummiest sounding recipes, from Brown Sugar & Cinnamon glazed popcorn, Toffee popcorn bark, Sweet & Spicy popcorn, Bombay popcorn, Spiced Chilli popcorn, Chocolate-drizzled popcorn, and Salted Caramel & Popcorn Eclairs. Basically, if you haven’t got diabetes yet, you will after following these delicious-sounding recipes!

49. Healthy Popcorn

For dieters, going to the cinema can be a depressing situation. So, check out‘s recipes for healthy popcorn. Ranging from sweet recipes (Apple Pie Popcorn, Chocolate and Coconut Popcorn, Pumpkin Popcorn) to savory ideas (Sweet and Spicy Wasabi Popcorn, Spicy Curry Popcorn, Spicy Sriracha Popcorn). They even recommend the perfect movie to enjoy while chomping away.

50. Out-of-the-box popcorn recipes

If you’re bored of classic old popcorn with salt or butter or caramel, try one of these creative and fun ways to add something extra to your favorite movie snack over at Dumb Little Man. Perhaps you’re into sweets and would love a cocoa popcorn, or if you crave some Indian cuisine, make sure you try a curry version!

So, there you go. If that doesn’t give you plenty to do, then nothing will. The internet is a world of information, and for movieholics, it’s an excellent opportunity to while away the hours. Enjoy!