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  1. FIX-1000
    FIX-1000  Fixed Style
  2. FIX-1005
    FIX-1005  Fixed Style
  3. FIX-1010
    FIX-1010  Fixed Style
  4. FIX-1015
    FIX-1015  Fixed Style
  5. FIX-1020
    FIX-1020  Fixed Style
  6. FIX-1025
    FIX-1025  Fixed Style
  7. FIX-1035
    FIX-1035  Fixed Style
  8. FIX-1040
    FIX-1040  Fixed Style
  9. FIX-1045
    FIX-1045  Fixed Style
  10. FIX-1050
    FIX-1050  Fixed Style
  11. FIX-1055
    FIX-1055  Fixed Style
  12. FIX-1070
    FIX-1070  Fixed Style
    from $189 $315
    40% OFF
  13. FIX-1075
    FIX-1075  Fixed Style
    from $179 $295
    40% OFF
  14. FIX-1080
    FIX-1080  Fixed Style
    from $159 $259
    39% OFF
  15. FIX-1090
    FIX-1090  Fixed Style
    from $149 $249
    41% OFF
  16. FIX-1095
    FIX-1095  Fixed Style
    from $179 $295
    40% OFF is the fixed theater seating leader, and our team of talented professionals is ready to take control of your commercial project from beginning to end and get it done!

Over the years we have developed excellent skills in the fixed back seat category and know how to build and develop the perfect product for your commercial project fast. Attention to detail and reliable factories for production help ensure we always deliver on time and to the highest standard in the market. Have an auditorium, theater seating for a church or lecture hall you are working on? Call us now at 888-457-7328 to start!