Maximizing the Number of Seats in Your Room

Whether you are looking for a straight row of 3 seats, 4 seats, or outfitting a completely dedicated home theater, our models are sold in an unlimited number of seats, layouts and configurations.

Most of our models are sold with either 2-arms, 1-arm, or are armless. The arms can then be either straight or shaped like a wedge, where the back of the arm is wider than the front, providing a subtle curved effect when multiple seats are placed together.

2 Arm

Right Arm

Left Arm


Left Arm + Right Wedge

Right Wedge

Below are examples of the many different ways the seats can be placed together to achieve your desired layout. We've stopped at rows of 6 seats, but most models can accommodate an endless amount of seats.

2 Straight

3 Straight

4 Straight

4 Straight w/ Loveseat

5 Straight

6 Straight

2 Straight Love

3 Straight Sofa

4 Straight Dual Love

5 Straight Dual Loveseat

6 Straight Triple Loveseat

6 Straight Dual Loveseat

2 Curved

3 Curved

4 Curved

4 Curved w/ Loveseat

5 Curved

6 Curved

3 Curved Left Love

4 Curved Dual Love

5 Curved Dual Loveseat

5 Curved Middle Sofa

6 Curved Tripple Loveseat

6 Curved Dual Loveseat

Need Help with a Layout?

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