Powered Headrest Recliners

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  1. Padded Arm 90items
  1. Octane Seating 166items
  2. Palliser Furniture 6items
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  1. Tray Tables 172items
  2. Phone Holder 166items
  3. Wine Glass Holder 172items
  4. Popcorn & Snack Bowl 166items
  5. iPad & Tablet Holder 172items
  6. Flex Reading Light 172items
  7. Cigar & Cigarette Holder 166items
  8. Hot Air Popcorn Maker 166items
  9. Tabletop Kettle Popcorn Maker 166items
  10. Removable Arms 76items
  11. Head & Neck Pillow 166items
  12. Lumbar Pillow 31items
  1. Italian Leather 159items
  2. Top Grain Leather 7items
  3. Top Grain Leather/Leather Match 6items
  4. Bonded Leather 18items
  5. Leather Gel 8items
  6. Microfiber & Fabrics 14items
  1. Power Recline 102items
  2. Manual Recline 2items
  3. Power Recline ( Middle Sofa Seat is Stationary) 48items
  4. Power Recline, Manual Recline, Stationary 22items

Theater Seating with Power Headrests

The hottest trend in home theater in 2020 is theater seating with a power headrest. You now can recline back to the perfect angle and then at the touch of a button, adjust the pitch on your theater seat’s headrest. These power recliners with adjustable headrest are ergonomic design at its very best.

Enjoy a vast selection of theater chairs with power headrests across all styles and loaded with optional features. Some of the top sellers in this category are the Octane Flex, Curve and Dream, as well as the Flicks from Palliser. The Flex HR is now available as second-row elevated theater seating, where a built-in riser will add 8 inches of seat height so that the back row can see the row in front of them. Tiered theatre seating becomes handy when you don’t want to go through the hassle of building a standalone riser platform. All motorized headrests include power recline as a standard feature in their seating. You get not only the headrest but also the power seatback recline.

Supreme Comfort: Motorized Headrest Recliner Accessories that Change the Game

Most of the recliners with adjustable headrest in this category also include an Octane Accessory Dock, which is a steel dock that holds a wide range of optional accessories like tray tables, reading flex lights, phone holders, cigar holders and so much more. The accessories add to the experience and are an essential part of the finished product. A select few of the motorized headrest recliners shown here also have power lumbar adjust. Styles like the Octane Azure LHR, Octane Magnum and Octane Continental are the premier contenders if you want to step it up a notch and include power lumbar to your seating. This way, you can adjust the lumbar position at the push of a button. Imagine how your weekends and evenings will change after you get home and into your new recliner with all the bells and whistles. You will charge your phone or Ipad using the built-in USB chargers, recline the seat back and adjust the lumbar position. The future of comfort is here, and it’s ready to deliver relaxation beyond your imagination. This is how you change your weekends forever. Call our experts now to order!

Edited by Bruce Tucker.

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