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Single Home Theater Recliners

Here you will find a vast selection of single theater recliners for your entertainment room. There are individual home theater recliners in almost every color and upholstery option available so that you can best match an existing theme and enjoy the latest shows and movies in style.

While home theater furniture is traditionally sold in rows, you often don't have the space needed to add more than one theater recliner chair. That is no problem at all because here at SeatUp you can purchase just one entertainment recliner from almost every available collection on the website. See a style that works for you? No problem, select the single theater recliners from the drop-down, and you are set to go. Our individual media room recliners carry excellent warranties, so you will never have to worry if there is a problem. There is a wide choice of both manual and power theater style recliners in leather and fabric. The top brands in this category for choice are Octane Seating, Palliser, Fortress, and Acoustic Innovations.

Best Home Theater Recliners

There are a few models that excel in plush dense comfort that you should be looking at. The Magnum LHR theater recliner chair is a master at delivering you into the land of milk and honey. The thick memory gel padding will ensure you are supported and relaxed. The features will blow you away like lumbar adjustment via a power mechanism, motorized headrest, lights in both the cups and under the seat frame, USB charging for your phones and gadgets, hidden storage, and luxurious Italian and Brazilian leathers. The Magnum consistently ranks on the top for comfort with all the bells and whistles. The Pillow HR is another memorable theater sofa recliner that is designed to please. It takes the pillow top concept from the mattress industry and adds that to a single recliner. You basically end up sitting on a two-inch-thick pillow-top. The end result is pure bliss. Another memorable style is the Palliser Vertex which also uses the pillow top idea but just on the seat cushion. The Vertex also has a motorized headrest and arms storage too. Luxury is the name of the game when it comes to Palliser with a full range of leather and premium fabrics. This brand offers some of the most authentic, yet comfortable single theater chairs available.

Every single leather media recliner showcased on this page is hand-selected by our buyers for supreme comfort and high-quality design. The features on different models range from manual or power recline to motorized headrest single chairs and lumbar powered recliners. There are individual theater seats here that have ambient under-seat lighting and lighted cupholders. Almost all now offer USB charging ports where you can power up your devices without getting out of your seat. You won’t find a better place for home theater recliners so call our experts now for help at 888-457-7328 and save on seats today!

Edited by Bruce Tucker.

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