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Decor Type
  1. Home Theater Seating Accessory 6items
  1. Octane Seating 6items
  1. LED Lights 6items
  2. Accessory Dock 6items
  3. Arm Storage 6items
  4. USB Charging Port 6items
  5. Motorized Headrest 4items
  6. Memory Foam 6items
  7. Lumbar Support 6items
  8. Plush Padding 2items
Accessories (Optional)
  1. Tray Tables 6items
  2. Phone Holder 6items
  3. Wine Glass Holder 6items
  4. Popcorn & Snack Bowl 6items
  5. iPad & Tablet Holder 6items
  6. Flex Reading Light 6items
  7. Cigar & Cigarette Holder 6items
  8. Hot Air Popcorn Maker 6items
  9. Tabletop Kettle Popcorn Maker 6items
  10. Removable Arms 6items
  11. Head & Neck Pillow 6items
  1. Top Grain Leather 6items
  2. Vegan Leather 4items
  3. Bonded Leather 4items
  4. Leather Gel 4items
  5. Microfiber & Fabrics 4items
  6. Faux Leather 4items
  1. Power Recline 6items
  1. $799 and less 2items
  2. $800 to $899 2items
  3. $1,000 to $1,199 2items

Home Theater Risers & Platforms

If you are building a brand new home theater then you may want to consider a theater seat riser. They allow you to have multiple rows for your guests and will accommodate everyone. Having home theater riser plans will give your media room or home theater that spark of authenticity. Having multiple rows within your state-of-the-art home theater grants you a new experience and a place to relax within your own home. After a long day of work or school going into your home cinema gives you that sense of wonderment and relieves you of the stresses of the day. We highly recommend creating the most authentic home theater you can build with a home theater riser platform.

Home Theater Riser and Platform Options

Here at SeatUp, we offer a couple of different home theater seating riser options. One media riser is 7.75” and the other is 14.5” allowing for the third row of theater seats. Enhance the experience for everyone by installing a theater seat riser. They are constructed with hardwood and a layer of commercial-grade black polyester to blend into your space. We offer three models with a home theater platform already built into them. The Azure LHR, Flex HR, and the Turbo XL700. Each of these luxury home theater seats is worth consideration and has the bonus of a theater seating platform.

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