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  1. Blaze XL900
    Blaze XL900
    from $699 $979
    29% OFF
  2. Bolt XS400
    Bolt XS400
    from $499 $719
    31% OFF
  3. Diesel XS950
    Diesel XS950
    from $699 $1,029
    33% OFF
  4. Nitro XL750
    Nitro XL750
    from $879 $1,529
    43% OFF
  5. Turbo XL700
    Turbo XL700
    from $549 $859
    37% OFF
  6. Flex HR Series
    Flex HR Series
    from $899 $1,399
    36% OFF
  7. Curve HR Series
    Curve HR Series
    from $899 $1,399
    36% OFF
  8. Charger XS300
    Charger XS300
    from $399 $629
    37% OFF
  9. Dream HR Series
    Dream HR Series
    from $899 $1,399
    36% OFF
Why Choose Us proudly offers the largest selection of top-name theater seating brands at the industry’s best prices. Make this the year that you treat yourself to an experience that delivers comfort like no other and catapults your downtime into a class of its own. Our single goal is to meticulously identify the theater chairs that define quality, deliver comfort and exceed your expectations.

Your media room furniture is there to accelerate your relaxation as you fall back into your home theater seats and enjoy your favorite shows with your whole family. Creating the ultimate media room experience will make this the room that elevates the fun you all have together as you enjoy the wonderful art of movies. features all the in-demand options that one can enjoy in this type of home theater furniture today like lighted baserails and cup holders, exciting home theater accessories like tablet holders and tray tables, as well as luxurious leathers and upholsteries to match every taste. Your theater room seating packages will ship fast from our warehouse to your home, handled with care and packaged to protect your new investment.

Spoilt for options, there are a large number of theater seats for sale at any point in time - just ask one of our many expert comfort specialists to help tailor a movie chair package that best suits your needs. Your comfort is our goal. Are you ready for your own piece of heaven?

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