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Fortress Theater Seating

Fortress home theater seating is known worldwide for being the no 1 high-end brand for luxury home theater seating. Their client list is the who’s who of entertainment and business, and their customization options and features stretch as far as your imagination is capable of desiring. Fortress luxury theater seating has a long lineage of success - now over 80 years - where every detail is painstakingly hand-made to the highest levels possible. The end result is both unique and exclusive.

For a luxury home theater brand, Fortress Seating offers a vast selection of styles and seating features. There are modern looks like that showcased in the Fortress Metro and Lexington, as well as traditional models like the famous Guild and Eldorado. Brands like Fortress who offer custom home theater seating, are also openly welcome the use of a customer’s own material (COM) on their own custom theater seats and movie room couches. Each project is carefully handmade through a meticulous process by artisans and leather meisters, in pursuit of pure elegant bliss! Create a luxury home theater room with any Fortress seating product.

All Fortress Seating is manufactured here in the USA and delivers to your home in 10-12 weeks from the time of order. Commanding in comfort and quality you can feel. Are you ready for relaxation time? Then order a Fortress luxury home theater seating product.

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