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Tiered Theater Seating

For home theater rooms that want to accommodate more than just one row of seats, the challenge then becomes how the second row will see over the row in front of them. This is most often solved by added an elevated seating platform called a riser that is 8-12 inches in height and elevates the back row. Tiered theater seating with built-in risers offers the best solution for someone that does not want to go through the hassle of constructing a riser platform in their home. Purchasing theater seating with a built-in riser often means you have to replace the existing flooring with the installation, which can be a negative and added expense. Here you will find Octane Seating’s best sellersTurbo XL700 and Flex HR – each with an option to add a back row seating with a built-in riser. Some people call these second rows tiered seating furniture rows and they give the viewers in the back row the ability to easily see the screen over the people sitting in front of them much like a 2nd-row movie theater.

The Turbo XL700 tiered seating is available in genuine top-grain leather with a power recline. The riser theater seat elevates the chair by 8 inches and allows you to enjoy the smooth power recline as you recline back to enjoy the show. The Turbo includes hidden storage in the armrests and a USB charging port for your devices. The plush seatbacks are stuffed with soft padding to cradle your body as you relax and put a hard day behind you. Gel memory foam toppers on the seat cushion ensure you sit comfortably. The Turbo tiered seating includes the Octane Accessory Dock, which has all the add-ons like tray tables and iPad holders.

Looking for something a little more contemporary? The Flex HR tiered theater seating is your ideal choice. The clean lines and diamond pattern stitch will ensure your room looks stylish but never sacrifices comfort. The Flex raised seating theatre chairs are designed with a built-in 8-inch riser that is permanently attached to the base of the chairs. This luxurious back-row theater seating will accommodate all the extra guests you need to enjoy the show. The Flex HR also includes memory foam in the seat core along with bucket-style corner panels so that you unwind in style. The arms include storage compartments and the controls will operate the headrest and seatback recline. The powered headrest is an added advantage to this model that delivers supreme downtime.

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