Home Theater

Building a home theater is immensely fun because it incorporates all the emotions and sentimental value one associates with movies that then gets translated into the decor and media room seating choices. To each and every person, there is a slightly different meaning, maybe a strong sensitivity tied to a film or series of films that define how you think about watching movies. This is your chance to make those connections and shape them into the design and decor of this experience.

Our media seating options here cross a wide range of tastes and styles. There are modern, contemporary, traditional and transitional home theater seats across most brands and price points. There are media room chairs that will ship fast in a matter of days like Octane Seating and there are options that will take 12 weeks to make and can be customized down to the color of the thread used, like Fortress. We are here as experts to help you on the journey to creating a dream experience that will become fun for yourself, friends and the entire family!

This is about making seating part of that experience. Are you ready to create your own piece of heaven?