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Arm Style
  1. Padded Arm 129items
  2. Track Arm 15items
Accessories (Optional)
  1. Tray Tables 144items
  2. Phone Holder 144items
  3. Wine Glass Holder 144items
  4. Popcorn & Snack Bowl 144items
  5. iPad & Tablet Holder 144items
  6. Flex Reading Light 144items
  7. Cigar & Cigarette Holder 144items
  8. Hot Air Popcorn Maker 144items
  9. Tabletop Kettle Popcorn Maker 144items
  10. Head & Neck Pillow 144items
  11. Lumbar Pillow 3items
  1. Italian Leather 141items
  2. Bonded Leather 45items
  3. Leather Gel 42items
  4. Microfiber & Fabrics 42items
  1. Power Recline 60items
  2. Power Recline ( Middle Sofa Seat is Stationary) 84items

Luxurious Home Theater Couches On Sale

The future of comfort is here and it comes in the form of one of our award-winning movie theater couches that are designed with every taste in mind and ready to ship to your media room fast. Every theater seating couch showcased in this category is more than just a couch….it’s an experience. The best part of your day will be the time you decide to kick off your shoes and enjoy the only movie couch you will ever need.

There are tons of options in this category so don’t get overwhelmed by everything available. Our best advice is always to call one of our media room couch experts and get their recommendations on the right option for your space and taste. Our team here has extensive exposure to the challenges and pitfalls you need to watch out for, as well as the insider tips and feedback from existing customers that consistently deliver good results. When our existing customers love their product, they tend to call us. Don’t you want to know what they have to say?

The basic premise you need to consider is your budget, room dimensions, and style. Once you have a rough idea of those, you can call and get all the best movie theater couches for your space. The selection available starts from as little as $419 with free shipping, to theater room couches that surpass $40,000. There is an option for every budget and a wide choice in the more competitively priced theater seating couch categories too.

Upholstery options for your home theater couch will include leather of all grades including top-grain and synthetic leather covers like bonded leather and leather gel. Each of these leather categories offers a massive choice of colors. Don’t worry, not looking for a leather theater style couch? We got you covered too. Fabric and microfiber are also popular and there is a big choice of options there too.

Our recommendation here is to consider who will be using the furniture. Don’t forget the pets or small kids! Bonded leathers along with fabric choices are always best for small children and animals. They are easy to maintain and clean and, tend to be less susceptible to scratches and scuffs like you might encounter with top-grain leather theatre room couches.

So, what are some of the extra features you need to know about this type of product? The noteworthy one is the addition of an accessory dock. This beautifully polished aluminum tube situated tastefully into the arm manages a whole range of optional add-ons for your media sofa. Items like tray tables, reading lights, wine glass holders and a lot more. Maximize your downtime and enjoy other options like a built-in USB charger for your mobile phones and devices. Nothing is more annoying than having to get up during the show to find a charger and plug in your device. Now that problem goes away. Our customers love hidden storage units in the product. Imagine the armrest flips up and there is deep storage for your books or charging cables. This is the way to go!

Our selection of movie room couch options is hand-chosen from only the best motion furniture brands for entertainment room seating. Brands like Octane Seating, Palliser, Acoustic Innovations and Fortress Seating all represent the pinnacle of their respective categories. Octane offers a value-driven price point along with in-stock inventory that will deliver fast to your home. Palliser showcases beautiful modern and transitional theatre room couches that will be a conversation piece in every home. Fortress represents true high-end luxury with every custom-designed media room sofa made to meet your most specific need.

So, with so many home theater couches to choose from do we have any recommendations for you to make the process easier? Of course, we do. Who doesn’t love a movie theater with loveseats and couches! Our customers love the Octane Power Sofa and Loveseats Sets like the Flash HR Reclining Sofa and Loveseat. This beautiful media couch design is available under the quick ship program in black top-grain leather and rich brown top-grain leather. It comes standard with a motorized headrest too and lighting, USB, storage, and accessory ports. The Azure LHR Recliner Sofa is a top-notch Italian leather theater seating couch with diamond stitch patterns down the center of the seat back and on the exterior arms. The Azure theater seating couches are also available in black and brown leather under the quick ship program. The upholstery options for this theater room sofa are not limited to just those two colors. There are a wide array of leather and fabric upholstery available for all Octane Power Sofas and Loveseats under the My Octane Custom Order program if you are wanting a more bespoke movie sofa.

Every entertainment couch here is backed by a comprehensive warranty that covers your investment for years of everyday use. Worried about making a large purchase like this online? See our 100% guarantee and 30 return policy here. There are also several excellent financing opportunities to help spread the cost of the purchase over several months and years. Are you ready to change your downtime forever?

Edited by Max Pinch.