Best Ranking Super Hero Movies At The Box Office

Superheroes have been around for years, from the first comic book heroes back in 1930s to TV shows that seem to be jumping out of everywhere these days. They have always been popular among all ages – from young kids to grandmas and grandpas. Starting with just comic books that were religiously read during 20th centuries, superheroes have come a long way.

Today we have 2 large "Universes" - Marvel and DC - battling each other in several different "battlefields". There are large scale blockbuster movies almost every summer, TV shows for minor superheroes on several different TV channels, and whole sea of superhero merchandise selling all around the world. While comics are still popular among the biggest fans, movies have taken over with the amount of people they reach and amount of money they make.

So, which superhero movies have been the most popular and made the most money? We created an infographic showing top 20 by earnings they've made worldwide. The infographic also has information about each movie's IMDB and Rotten Tomatoes ratings, as well as number of theaters it was shown in and what was the initial budget for the movie.

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super hero movie performance at box office