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Superior quality, comfort and convenience. Those are three attributes that come as standard with all at home theater seating in our range. That's why we have drawn together models from top quality brands such as Octane Seating, Palliser, Bruce Peters and Row One when curating our premium range of theater seats with storage compartments.

Every one of the top quality theater seats on this page has ample room for almost anything you might need to have to hand during a movie night. Don't want to worry about running out of snacks or having people get up during a movie to fetch more popcorn? Simply stock up the storage compartments with plenty of tasty treats beforehand and allow your guests to sit back, relax and enjoy the complete movie experience.

Storage compartments are also useful for storing a remote control if you need to adjust any TV, sound or light settings without getting up and breaking the magic movie illusion. Instructions manuals, spare cables and anything else you could possibly need can be safely and securely stowed away until you need them.

With quality and convenience taken care of, let's move on to comfort and luxury. We've aced that too! You will be simply delighted by our range of practical and sumptious quality fabrics ranging from modern microfiber fabrics for easy cleaning to the highest grade leathers with exquisite stitching for the ultimate high end look.

Even better news for the movie theater seating connoisseur is that these stunning seats are available at the best prices you can get; there are even subscriber-only offers available on many units (but please keep them secret!)

Are you ready to amaze your friends and family with the best movie theater experience they have ever had? We ship fast and free so place your order today!

Edited by Bruce Tucker.