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  1. Octane Seating 37items
  2. Palliser Furniture 13items
  3. Fortress Seating 34items
  4. Continental Seating 17items
  5. Bass Industries 17items
  6. Acoustic Innovations 9items
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  1. Tray Tables 109items
  2. Phone Holder 63items
  3. Wine Glass Holder 109items
  4. Popcorn & Snack Bowl 54items
  5. iPad & Tablet Holder 109items
  6. Flex Reading Light 109items
  7. Cigar & Cigarette Holder 54items
  8. Removable Arms 54items
  9. Head & Neck Pillow 54items
  10. Lumbar Pillow 54items
  1. Italian Leather 37items
  2. Top Grain Leather 90items
  3. Top Grain Leather/Leather Match 5items
  4. Bonded Leather 109items
  5. Leather Gel 36items
  6. Microfiber & Fabrics 109items
  7. Customer Own Material (COM) 60items
  1. $799 and less 22items
  2. $800 to $899 9items
  3. $900 to $999 3items
  4. $1,000 to $1,199 8items
  5. $1,200 and more 85items

Fabric Theater Seating

While we have a vast selection of leather seats we also have one of the best selections of fabric home theater seating as well. Most of our models give you the option to choose your upholstery so buying microfiber theater seating is an option. All of our upholstered theater seating is of the highest quality but each type of upholstery have their own benefits. With microfiber theater recliners you are getting a very easy-to-clean product that is soft to the touch. They enhance your seating experience due to the warmth and comfort the fabric provides.

We have fabric theater seating from loveseats to sofas to single recliners. Each brand we carry has microfiber theater seating that provides differing benefits. For example, Palliser is a leader in style, offering unique and good-looking fabric home theater seating that is really able to become the highlight of a space. Octane Seating offers fabric theater seating that has innovative features and functions that all enhance your entire experience. We recommend either one of these brands if you are looking to buy a home theater fabric recliner, sofa, or loveseat.

Edited by Bruce Tucker.