It will come as no surprise to many pet owners that your furry friends can indeed be rather destructive at times. Although they are cute and cuddly, many animals also tend to enjoy ripping our furniture to shreds, costing us our hard earned money. We are about to witness five of the most extreme pet attacks on furniture because however annoying it may be when it happens to us, it can be rather entertaining to watch the damage from a safe distance.

1. Dog Gone Wild

As you can see from this picture, a dog really has gone to town on this couch. Not only have the cushions been flung about the room, but the stuffing has been completely torn out and ruined. It’s safe to say that this owner probably wasn’t very happy and will have to be shopping for a new couch relatively soon!

2. Boo Destroys A Couch

In this video, a bull terrier named Boo destroys a couch, leaving absolute carnage in his path. The owner seems angry but also sees the funny side as this was all done for love. The other dog in the video is in heat, but the bull terrier can’t mate with it, so, in a tantrum, he leaves his owner’s living room looking like it has just been hit with a nuclear bomb.

3. Behold My Masterpiece

In this video, it is not clear which dog is to blame but the two suspects are both looking awfully guilty as their owner returns to see the carnage they have caused. All of the stuffing has been ripped out of the couch and onto the floor, and the littler dog of the two seems to be enjoying having a play in the mess! The other stands proudly on the arm of the couch as if to say “behold my masterpiece!”

4. Bonnie & Clyde

In what is perhaps the Bonnie and Clyde of the dog world, a bull terrier and a sausage dog (of all the combinations!!) have torn their owner’s new couch to pieces. The owner stays remarkably calm given the situation but I expect she can’t help but admire the impressive collaboration and group-work that her dogs produced.

5. The Carnage of Riley

When thinking of the worst things imaginable to return to after a vacation, normally you’d say a robbery or break-in, but in this case, ‘Riley’ has caused absolute carnage. Destroying not one, but two sofas, this is undoubtedly far worse than any break-in or robbery could ever be!

There are, however, ways to try and make sure your dog doesn’t destroy your fancy new couch or lounge chair – mainly by making sure you take them out for walks and play with them regularly. Most of the times that dogs cause this level of damage is simply because they are bored, just think how many times you have crumpled up a piece of paper or ruined something because you were bored and just fiddling around with it. We are not all that different from dogs after all, although I’ve never seen a human tear a couch to pieces with their teeth…