Leather Home Theater Seating

  1. Black Leather
    Black Leather
    Genuine Top Grain Leather in Black Tones
  2. Brown Leather
    Brown Leather
    Genuine Top Grain Leather in Medium, Dark, & Light Browns
  3. Red Leather
    Red Leather
    Red & Burgundy Genuine Top Grain Leather
  4. White Leather
    White Leather
    White & Cream Genuine Top Grain Leather
  5. Grey Leather
    Grey Leather
    Genuine Top Grain Leather in Grey Tones
  6. All Other Leather Colors
    All Other Leather Colors
    Genuine Top Grain Leather in Hundreds of Colors
  7. Bonded Leather
    Bonded Leather
    Durable Leather Alternative in Many Colors

Relax in Luxury With Top-Quality Leather Home Theater Seating

Few things feel better than the soft touch of genuine leather, but all leather is not equal. A wide range of factors can influence the quality of leather theater chairs, including the source of the leather, the portion of the hide that is used on the furniture, the tanning process, and the skill of the team developing the end product. At SeatUp.com, we carefully select genuine leather home theater seating products for our inventory that are made with top-quality components and unmatched attention to detail. Choose from SeatUp’s huge selection of leather theater recliner options and you can have chairs and sofas made in the color of your choice and with a wide range of add-ons. And you can rest assured that our top-grain hides are battle-tested to be sure that they will remain soft and last for many years.

When you are ready to order, you will have the choice of selecting from a range of different leather choices which include top-grain leather match, bonded leather and, leather gel. Top-grain leather match is genuine leather on all portions of the seating that you touch, and then a perfect vegan leather match on the lower exterior sides and back. Bonded leather is a combination of real and synthetic leather which contains up to 25% of genuine leather depending on the brand and style selected. Leather gel contains no real leather content at all and is entirely made from PU (Polyurethane). Some brands will also offer a full leather option which means there is genuine leather on every portion of the seating, including the backs and lower exterior sides. In most cases a more durable leather is used for these portions so as to resist the stains and dirt that those portions of the leather theater chairs are most exposed to.

Find the Best Leather Theater Seating Options

All of these leather theater furniture models have been given a five-star rating by our customers:

Get Top Brands at the Lowest Prices

The leather home theater seating brands we carry are hand-selected from the many options on the market today to reflect only the best quality and value. Brands like Octane Seating, Fortress Seating, and Palliser are leaders in leather theater recliner production, and each offers something unique. Octane delivers a supreme value at a mid-market price point along with instant shipping. Palliser offers a unique contemporary leather home theater sofa or recliner in a wide range of colors. And Fortress caters to the top price tier with fully customized builds and the ability to make almost anything you could wish for in real black leather theater seating, for the right price.

No matter which brand of leather movie chairs you choose, when you shop with SeatUp, every leather media chair is backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee, as well as a comprehensive manufacturer warranty program that will help safeguard your investment, should you ever have any issues. Are you ready for relaxation beyond imagination? Buy our leather reclining theater chairs and you’ll soon experience it.

Edited by Bruce Tucker.

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