Pianos have a rich history that dates back to the 1600s and has grounded much of modern music, theater, and songwriting. Bartolomeo Cristofori, a harpsichord repairman from Italy, based his invention on his expertise with the harpsichord. He created an instrument that would expand the range of the harpsichord and be able to create both soft and loud sounds. It functioned by working with inner hammers that hit the strings, producing a sound that would soon impress the people of Europe. In time, the piano would make its mark in music history, becoming an instrument well worth mastering.

History of the Piano

Read an in-depth history of both the man who invented the piano as well as the creation itself. This piece also briefly describes the importance of the piano in the history of music.

How the Piano Works

This article goes into great detail about how the piano functions.

Different Types of Pianos

There are quite a few types of pianos to learn about before beginning to play the piano. This article has a good breakdown of each type of piano and what they are useful for.

Benefits of Playing the Piano

Read more about the benefits of learning to play the piano, which can be both physical and mental.

Piano for Beginners, Lesson 1

Follow along with free video lessons online, starting with this one, to get a handle on the basics of playing the piano.

Music Practice as Meditation

Learn about how to use piano practice as a form of mindful meditation to create peace of mind.

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Playing the Piano for Beginners

This site has a great resource on playing the piano for beginners looking to start off with the basics. It teaches how to build a chord and which notes belong to which key.

Playing the Piano in 21 Days

A beginner’s guide to playing the piano from a lifelong piano player and teacher can help people learn to make music.

Making Piano Scales Easier

For some, learning to play the scales can be hard. This article gives the basics on major and minor scales as a way of prepping before beginning to learn each one.

Ten Expert Tips on Piano Scales

Here are ten expert tips on how to play the piano scales and practice them perfectly.

Tricks for Learning Scales for Piano Beginners

This article breaks down everything you need to know about each scale for a better understanding of why they should be practiced.

Playing Piano Chords for Beginners

Learn more about piano chords and how to play them properly.

Four Simple Chords to Play Many Songs

Because most songs are based around similar chord progressions, learning which chords to play can help in learning many songs. Read about how to expand a repertoire and play many popular songs by learning one single chord progression.

Major Chord Guide

Given that piano chords come in many different keys, this site gives a guide for each chord per key. Click on each key and learn every kind of chord within that category.

Four Different Techniques to Play Chords

Not only is it important to know how to play piano chords, but having the proper technique breeds success. This article gives tips on how to have proper chord-playing technique.

How to Learn Piano in 20 Days

Try this unconventional approach to get into playing faster without getting too bogged down in monotony.

Five Sight-Reading Tips for Teachers

These sight-reading tips can help anyone learn this tricky skill more efficiently.

Practice Sight-Reading in 15 Minutes

This article has an emphasis on “15 minutes a day” exercises for people wanting to better their sight-reading skills at a faster pace.

Ultimate Piano Sight-Reading Guide

Read an intensive guide on sight-reading properly and master this skill for more successful piano playing.

How to Compose Piano Music

This article gives information on how to compose music on the piano and touches on what inspires people to compose music on the piano.

15 Easy Pop Songs on Piano

Included in this link is a collection of YouTube videos with instructions on playing fifteen of the most popular pop songs throughout the generations.

Five Easiest Songs to Play as a Beginner

This article includes five simple songs that are basic and easy for beginners learning to play beyond scales and chords.

12 Ways to Make Piano Practice Enjoyable

While practice does make perfection, the repetition can be somewhat boring. With these 12 tips, you can make piano practice more enjoyable and prevent losing interest altogether.

100 Days of Piano Habit for Fun Practice

Learn about why practicing piano is important and find out about the benefits of the “100 Days of Piano Challenge” here.

Six Science-Supported Steps to Great Musicianship

While the information here is for all musicians, it’s perfect for piano players because these are tips to help master the instrument and practice routine. These tips are based on scientific proof that can work to help the mind create good habits.

Seven Tips for Efficient Piano Practice

Here are a few more tips and tricks on making the perfect piano practice routine to keep developing a strong skill set.

How to Learn to Play the Piano in Six Weeks

In a video for the BBC, concert pianist James Rhodes demonstrates how to learn a piano piece and improve your skills.

How Long Does it Take to Learn Piano?

Learning how to play the piano can seem like a daunting task, but the amount of time it will take depends on your goals and your ambition.

Eight Great Tips for Practicing Piano

The experts at Yamaha have put together this guide to help people form a good routine for practicing playing the piano.