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We carry a multitude of home theater supplies that are all highly beneficial to your experience. Some of our theater seating accessories include attachable cup holders, seat shakers & amplifiers, and riser platforms. Each of these theater seat parts will benefit your movie-watching experience in its own way. The cup holders allow you to enjoy a beverage safely while relaxing in your theater seat. The seat shakers and amplifiers are recliner gadgets that increase the sound quality of the movie and giving you a more authentic movie theater experience. The riser platforms are used to create multiple rows of seats so more people can enjoy your home theater space.

Home Theater Seating Accessories

Both of our top brands, Octane Seating and Palliser have a multitude of innovative movie theater accessories that you have never seen before. Some of the Octane home theater seating accessories include a theater seat table in different styles, LED reading lights, popcorn bowls and much more! Palliser also has some amazing and useful home theater seating accessories that you will find yourself constantly using. They have wine glass holders, a phone/tablet holder, and a selection of swivel tray tables. If you want to take your movie-watching experience to the next level then you should seriously consider any one of our home theatre décor accessories or movie theater seat parts. You will be shocked at how beneficial they will become and how often you will use them!

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